%99.9 Lead Performance

LeadForce is software that recovers missed incoming call traffic of your business. It works in sync with cloud PBX systems.


Amazing Business Solution Whatever Your Needs

Real innovations and a positive customer experience are the heart of successful communication. No fake products and services.

Smart Dashboard

LeadForce solves the big problem

LeadForce solves major problems such as tracking incoming calls to your business when to return your customers and tracking opportunities.

Lost Calls

You can monitor Incoming - Outgoing - Unanswered calls and immediately access critical summary information about the calls. You can filter the types of incoming calls and turn them into a business tracking share.

New Opportunities

Do not miss the new sales opportunities that come with calls. Follow the process online by assigning the opportunities to the relevant person

Call History

Incoming, Outgoing, Missed Calls

Simultaneously monitor all call traffic in 360 degrees. Destroy the lost

  • Lead generation
  • Who called?
  • When did call?
  • How many seconds did talk?
  • Call reports
  • Call start and end time
In Message

Excellent internal communication

your team can message over the 7/24 online system and provide an uninterrupted flow of information.

Everything is registered

Now your business communications are recorded and fully traceable. The information flow lost in e-mail traffic can be managed more powerfully and easily via LeadForce.

Information flow in one platform

Your customer communication processes are on a single platform with LeadForce, without the need for another application. Now when? why? From where? It is very easy to find answers to your questions.