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Amazing Business Solution Whatever Your Needs

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Smart Dashboard

LeadForce solves the big problem

LeadForce solves major problems such as tracking incoming calls to your business when to return your customers and tracking opportunities.

  • Lost Calls

    You can monitor Incoming - Outgoing - Unanswered calls and immediately access critical summary information about the calls. You can filter the types of incoming calls and turn them into a business tracking share.

  • New Opportunities

    Do not miss the new sales opportunities that come with calls. Follow the process online by assigning the opportunities to the relevant person

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Call History

Incoming, Outgoing, Missed Calls

Simultaneously monitor all call traffic in 360 degrees. Destroy the lost

  • Lead generation
  • Who called?
  • When did call?
  • How many seconds did talk?
  • Call reports
  • Call start and end time

In Message

Excellent internal communication

your team can message over the 7/24 online system and provide an uninterrupted flow of information.

  • Everything is registered

    Now your business communications are recorded and fully traceable. The information flow lost in e-mail traffic can be managed more powerfully and easily via LeadForce.

  • Information flow in one platform

    Your customer communication processes are on a single platform with LeadForce, without the need for another application. Now when? why? From where? It is very easy to find answers to your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions for LeadForce

LeadForce is a digital marketing and customer relationship management tool that allows you to prevent missed opportunities by reading real-time data from your PBX systems.

The services include:
• Real-time call reporting (Call Report)
• Potential customer management (Lead Manage)
• Order management (Lead Manage)
• Integrated management of business processes (Business+)

With the Lead Manage service, you can effectively manage your potential customers. The Business+ service offers the opportunity to manage advanced business processes such as order management, proposal management, and Excel Export operations. You can also optimize your business processes with task assignment and tracking features.

The Call Report service allows businesses to track and analyze their phone conversations by reading real-time data from their PBX systems. With this service, you can evaluate and improve customer relationships and call center performance. Its benefits include:

1. Reducing missed opportunities: With real-time call reports, you can identify unanswered or failed calls and take timely action as well as follow-up.

2. Performance evaluation: You can evaluate and improve your processes and employees by analyzing the quality of your employees' calls and customer interactions.

3. Customer satisfaction: You can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by addressing customer requests and complaints more quickly and effectively.

4. Optimizing business processes: With the information obtained from call reports, you can improve your business processes and strategies to achieve your targets.

The Call Report service makes it easier for businesses to track and manage their phone calls, creating a more efficient and customer-focused structure.

Lead Manage feature is a tool that helps businesses manage and track their potential customers. With this feature, you can store all the information about your customer prospects in a central system and ensure that your organization operates effectively. By getting to know your customer prospects more closely, you can develop more successful sales and marketing strategies and increase conversion rates.

Business+ package doesn't have specific features shared about it, but I can give you a general framework by looking at the advantages and features offered by Business+ packages in general.

The advantages of the Business+ package are as follows:

1. Access to advanced content and services: Business+ packages generally offer more comprehensive features and services that go beyond basic business solutions.

2. Priority support: Business+ customers are entitled to receive priority customer support, and faster response and solutions are provided when needed.

3. Customizable features: Business+ packages make processes and applications more efficient by providing customizable functions that can be tailored to businesses' own needs.

4. High-level security: Advanced security measures can be offered in Business+ packages, ensuring that your business data and infrastructure are more securely protected.

5. Training and integration support: Product training and integration support are typically offered to customers in such packages, enabling businesses to start using the product more quickly and efficiently.

6. Team and account management: It offers the advantage of easier management of team and user accounts' roles and permissions for businesses. With the Business+ package, businesses can benefit from more flexible and comprehensive services that suit their existing business processes.

  • LeadForce offers Call Report, Lead Manage, Order Manage, and Business+ packages that cater to different customer needs. For detailed information about pricing and packages, please refer to the https://leadforce.me/en/price link. However, here are the packages in general:

    1. Call Report: Offers features for recording and analyzing phone calls.

    2. Lead Manage: A tool that helps manage and track potential customers.

    3. Order Manage: A module that optimizes business processes with order management and tracking features.

    4. Business+ Package: Offers a comprehensive package that meets business needs with advanced features, priority support, and customizable functions. Based on these basic information, you can review pricing options and the package that is most suitable for you on the official website and make a decision. Package details and pricing information can be found on the website's price page.

    LeadForce services are designed to help businesses in different industries manage their customer relationships, track potential customers (leads), and organize orders. Therefore, it is suitable for companies that prioritize processes such as lead management and order tracking and want to improve in these areas.

    In particular, LeadForce services can benefit industries such as:

    1. Retail and e-commerce companies

    2. Technology and software firms

    3. Consulting and service companies

    4. Marketing and advertising companies

    5. Manufacturing and supply chain management companies

    6. Insurance and finance institutions

    7. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies

    However, this list is not limited. LeadForce offers advantages for any business operating in different industries and wanting to manage customer relationships better with innovative solutions.

    LeadForce offers a range of tools and features that help improve customer relationships. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your customer relationships with LeadForce:

    1. Lead management: LeadForce offers the Lead Manage feature to effectively track leads and increase conversions. With this feature, you can strengthen your relationships by offering more suitable and effective offers to your customers.

    2. Order management: By organizing your order processes with the Order Manage module, you can offer your customers faster and more accurate service. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and build a loyal customer base.

    3. Call analysis: Analyzing phone calls with the Call Report feature can help improve the communication skills of your customer service and sales representatives. This can directly impact customer relationships in a positive way.

    4. Team collaboration and activity monitoring: LeadForce increases collaboration between team members and optimizes task distribution to improve customer service. This provides more effective, professional, and regular communication with your customers.

    5. Customizable features (continued): Advanced packages like the Business+ package offer customizable features that are tailored to your specific needs and industry, enabling you to further improve customer relationships. This helps to meet your unique business requirements and establish more effective and personalized communication with your customers.

    In summary, with LeadForce, you can improve your customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and conversion rates by providing more effective and regular communication processes. These tools and features contribute to your success in different industries and support the growth and development of your business.

    LeadForce aims to help its users with technical support and customer service. Generally, customer service and technical support services are offered in the following ways:

    1. Online Help Center: Provides users with information and resources to help them solve their problems and answer their questions.

    2. Email and Phone Support: Customers can contact the support team via email or phone to report technical issues or ask usage-related questions.

    3. Live Chat: In some cases, users can receive instant customer service or technical support through the live chat feature on the website.

    4. Priority Support for Advanced Packages: Some packages, such as Business+, offer users priority technical support and faster response times.

    LeadForce's technical support and customer service aim to help users solve issues related to the platform and make the most of its products. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and provide effective solutions to their problems.

    There are various ways to increase your sales using LeadForce services. Here are some tips on how you can increase your sales with LeadForce services:
    1. Potential customer management: With the lead management features offered by LeadForce, you can track your potential customers more effectively and increase your conversion rates by providing them with better services.
    2. Real-time tracking: LeadForce tracks potential customers' behaviors and processes in real-time, allowing your team members to respond quickly and make more sales.
    3. Customized marketing strategies: With data analytics features of LeadForce, you can analyze your customers' interests, preferences, and habits to develop customized marketing strategies and offers.
    4. Targeting and segmentation: By using customer data and interaction history, you can segment your target audience and organize more specific and effective marketing campaigns.
    5. Performance analysis: With LeadForce, you can track the performance of your sales and marketing teams, evaluate their successes, and find optimization opportunities.
    6. Team collaboration (continued): By organizing internal communication and task-sharing, you can make your sales and marketing processes more effective and organized, and reach potential customers in a faster and more professional way. This ensures coordination among team members and prevents unnecessary disruptions.
    Moreover, customer relationship management services like LeadForce provide tools for team members to track their tasks and for managers to evaluate business processes. This helps to increase productivity and performance among the entire team.
    In conclusion, by ensuring team collaboration and effective communication, you can make your sales and marketing processes more successful and efficient, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and conversion rates and contributes to increasing your sales.