Cozumbulutu Turkey distributor

Dear Partners and Customers,

As Leadforce, we have chosen Cozumbulutu company as Turkey's leading distributor. This agreement will come into effect as of January 2023.

With this collaboration, Cozumbulutu company will start distributing Leadforce products among dealers and end users in Turkey. Leadforce is a SaaS solution that includes call reporting, lead management, order management, and Business+ products. Cozumbulutu.com will be responsible for the sales, marketing, and dealer management activities of these products in Turkey.

With this announcement, we would like to present the details and opportunities of this collaboration to our customers. With the strong infrastructure and expertise of Cozumbulutu.com, we aim to help businesses work more efficiently, optimize their business processes, and increase their success.

We believe that our new partnership will contribute to the digital transformation processes of businesses. We are excited to reach a wider audience with Leadforce products and provide the best service to our customers.

Please visit our website for more information.

Website: cozumbulutu.com

Best regards, Leadforce.me ,

Cozumbulutu.com is a company specializing in Azure products and IT management as a Microsoft partner. It provides comprehensive solutions to businesses, contributing to their digital transformation processes.